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Please see and the Free Software Directory for information regarding the current status of the GNU Project.


Here are lists of various projects that we feel that you should know about. Most projects in these lists aim to develop a program, or a set of programs, that can be used together to form a complete system for some specific task, but developing software is not mandatory for being a GNU Project. If you're looking for specific software, you should also look at our software page.

If you are interested in helping the GNU Project, please have a look at the lists below for some of the projects needing doing, and are actively seeking volunteers. Please also look at writing free software both for lists of other projects needing doing, and for general guidelines.

If you'd like to make your software a GNU project, or officially a GNU package, take a look at the GNU Maintainers Guide and the GNU Coding standards, and then write to

Descriptions of GNU Projects

These are just a fraction of the software projects that the GNU Project is working on.

Descriptions of Other Projects

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