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A GNU Head

 [Image of the head of a GNU]

A handsome GNU Head with typical beard and smart-looking curled horns. He or she appears to be smiling contentedly with its works as of yet, but it still gazes off into the distance.

This graphic was drawn by Etienne Suvasa, who has also done several covers for FSF publications.

We also would like to thank Peter Gerwinski for the 1200x1200 PNG version of this image.

This Head of a GNU is the default art for pages on this web site including GNU's home page.

This Head of a GNU was also used on the front of the 1997 GNU T-shirt, as well as on the FSF's business cards. It is also on the spine of many GNU Manuals.

This picture is available in the following formats:

Dustin Jorge made a nice wallpaper inspired by this this GNU head. He spent some time researching copyright and thoughts on intellectual property for a paper he had to do for a class. In the meantime he made this desktop.

This wallpaper is available in the following formats:

Other art in the GNU Art Gallery.

No gifs due to patent problems.

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