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These people are the webmasters of If you see something you would like added to or changed on this web site, please contact us at (send other questions to We are always looking for comments and are open to suggestions.

This place is reserved for your name, if you join our team of webmasters. Contact <> to volunteer.

Andias T. Wira Alam <>
Andias is a volunteer GNU webmaster and computer science student. He also works at the University as GNU/Linux System Administrator

Cesar J. Alaniz
Cesar is a volunteer GNU webmaster and student.

Dmitri Alenitchev <dmitri at gnu dot org>
Dmitri is a GNU webmaster and a free software programmer from Russia.

Edward Alfert <ealfert at rootmode dot com>
Edward has been using GNU software for over nine years. He is giving back to the community by volunteering as a GNU Project webmaster and designing GNU graphics.

Christiano Anderson <>
Christiano is a GNU Project webmaster and Free Software Directory maintainer.

Luis F. Araujo <araujo at gnu dot org>
Luis is a GNU Project webmaster; he is also a free software programmer.

Luis M. Arteaga <>
formerly administered web pages written in other languages apart from English. Also coordinated the translation efforts until he retired in 2003.

Jorge Barrera Grandon <jorge[at]gnu[dot]org>
Jorge is a chilean GNU Project webmaster and works as a GNU/Linux and Windows systems administrator in Norway.

Patrick Brunier <pbrunier_@At@_gnu_.DoT._org>
Patrick is a GNU/Linux, Windows and Macintosh systems administrator and GNU webmaster. He lives in the Netherlands.

Derek Chen-Becker <>
Derek is a GNU Project webmaster, and assistant chief webmaster with Sinuhe.

Gaz Collins <schmooster-at-gmail-dot-com>
Gaz is a volunteer GNU webmaster, and GNU/Linux user since around 1997.

D. E. Evans (a.k.a Sinuhe)
Sinuhe was recruited to be a FSF Webmaster by Richard Stallman. He served as chief webmaster after John Paul.

Lorenzo Hernández Garcia-Hierro (a.k.a trulux)
Lorenzo is a young GNU Project webmaster; he is also a Savane/Savannah developer .

Corey Goldberg  <cmg_at_gnu_dot_org>
Corey is a GNU Project webmaster and lives in Boston, MA.

Masayuki Hatta (a.k.a. mhatta) <>
was the chief GNU translation coordinator, who administers web translation efforts into other languages apart from English, after Luis M. Arteaga. He is one of the GNU webmasters, too.

Steve Hoeg
Steve is a GNU Project webmaster and free software developer.

Jonas Kölker
Jonas is a volunteer GNU webmaster, hobbyist programmer, GNU/Linux user and computer science student.

Matt Lee
is the Accessbility and Usability webmaster for the FSF and GNU Project. He uses GNU/Linux for a lot of his work, and hopes to expand upon free software usability, interfaces and access technology within the community.

Sam Marx <>
Sam is a GNU Project webmaster.

Alex Muntada <>
is the current GNU web translation manager and translation teams coordinator.

Pablo Palazon <ppalazon at gnu dot org>
He's student in computer science, and GNU webmaster.

Mark Par <>
Mark is a GNU Project webmaster.

Justin Pence <jlpence at gnu dot spamsucks org> a webmaster for the FSF / GNU Project.

Michael Presley <>
Michael was recruited for webmaster duty by RMS.

Thorsten Sauter <>
Thorsten is a GNU Project webmaster; he is also a Debian GNU/Linux developer.

Ray P. Soucy <>
Ray was a FSF and GNU Project webmaster, among other things.

Richard Stallman
founded the GNU Project, and is the President of the Free Software Foundation. He also works on the web pages.

Vivek Varghese Cherian <>
Vivek Varghese Cherian, is a mechanical engineer from Cochin, India. He is a GNU project webmaster.

Hossam Hossny <hossam at gnu dot org>
is a webmaster, and the maintainer of the mirrors page.

John Paul Wallington <>
is a webmaster, and was chief webmaster after Brett Smith.

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