Funny C declarations!

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auto accident;
register voters;
static electricity;
struct by_lightning;
void *where_prohibited;
char broiled;
short circuit;
short changed;
long johns;
unsigned long letter;
double entendre;
double trouble;
union organizer;
union jack;
float valve;
short pants;
union station;
void check; unsigned check;
struct dumb by[sizeof member];
union onion;	/*submitted by srp*/

/*if GCC extensions are allowed -- Dave Gilbert
long long ago; /* in a galaxy far far away */

/* Submitted by James Buchanan */

const ipated;
case closed:
double or_nothing;
short sighted;
void if_removed;    /* warranty */
volatile buggy_code;
unsigned anonymous;
int erbreed;    /* duelling banjos */

/* Borland's additional C keywords */:
huge penis;
interrupt ed;
near sighted;
far out;

   goto pub;
   return pissed;

   goto bathroom;
   while (1) ;

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