The Wolf Logo

 [colorful rounded image of the Head of a GNU]

Peter da Silva decides:

|I hereby place the wolf logo (`-_-') and derivitives into the public domain.
|                               'U`

I predict:

a) A large corporation will scarf it up, repackage it and sell it
   for a tidy sum, threatening to loose the SS on Peter if he uses
   it again.

b) The FSF will begin work at once on a version for the gnu project

c) Microsoft, Apple and Lotus will claim it is too close to their
   trademarked logos, and file a joint suit against hackercorp,
   the DoD, Electronic Arts, and Iraq.

d) Thousands of hours will be spent debating, over the net, whether
   this is (1) constitutional, (2) moral, (3) fattening, (4) the
   end of the net as we know it[1], and (5) a good reason to not allow
   logos to be trademarked at all.

e) Someone will suggest the only legitimate way of making money off
   of logos is by servicing them - but logo refurbishing companies
   will not spring up overnight.

f) Peter will turn down an interview with Oprah, but accept the one
   with Geraldo, if he gets to keep an extra chair handy.

      \ /

[1] Not less than 4, and not more than 12, new groups will be created
    as a direct result of this.

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