Spilling checker

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The following is given without source in IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and 
Electronic Systems, Vol. 26, No. 2, March 1990-- p. 209. Who is the author?

	"Catching Misspilled Words with Spilling Checker

"As an extra addled service, I am going to put this column in the Spilling
Checker, where I tryst it will sale through with flying colons. In this modern
ear, itis simply inexplicable to ask readers to expose themselves to misspelled
swords when they have bitter things to do.
	"And with all the other timesaving features on my new work processor, it
is in realty very easy to pit together a colon like this one and get it tight. 
For instants, if there is a work that is wrong, I just put the curse on it, 
press Delete and its      Well sometimes it deletes to the end of the lion or
worst yet the whole rage. Four bigger problems, there is the Cat and Paste
option. If there is some test that is somewhere were you wish it where
somewhere else you jest put the curse at both ends and wash it disappear.
Where you want it to reappear simply    bring four quarts of water to a rotting
boil and throw in 112 pounds of dazed chicken. Sometimes it brings in the Cat
that was Pasted yesterday.
	"But usually it comes out as you planned, or better. And if it doesn't,
there are lots of other easy to lose options... "
				David L. Elliott
				Dept. of SSM, Washington University
				St. Louis, MO 63130.  (314)-889-6092
				FAX (314)-726-4434   delliott@CEC2.WUSTL.EDU

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