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In a surprise move today, Judaism filed suit against the Catholic Church,
claiming Catholisism copied the "look and feel" of the religion.
Judaism, which has held the patent on the concept of a mono-theistic
religion for over 3500 years as well as the copyright on Yahweh(R), The
Old Testament(C), and the use of "CH"(tm) for the "H" sound, is suing for 2000
years of back royalties.  They are also asking that the court disallow
the use of the term "Judeo-Christian" from all textbooks.

The Pope was unavailable for comment, but a spokeman from the Vatican
stated the suit was unfounded as the patent on the concepts shared by
the two religions has long expired, and that the suit violates the
separation of church and state.  More news as the case develops.

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