The YAAS Foundation Patent Suit

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Date: Wed,  6 Aug 2003 16:46:55 +0200
From: "Stefan Midjich" 
Subject: Regarding Hello World

Hello Mr.Stallman

I am representing the Swedish YAAS foundation and we would like to
address an important issue that came up last week when our tech
crew were going over the source code for your GNU software. It
appears that you have been using a patented technique of ours and
we can not accept this kind of behaviour. The patented Hello World
technique used in many programming languages was found in numerous
of your projects source codes.

We are not unreasonable Mr.Stallman, all we demand is 50 000 in
unmarked US dollars delivered in a brief case to the dumpster behind
McDonalds in Springfield, IL.  Failure to comply will result in us
taking action and most possibly cutting off a piece of your beard
in your sleep and cloning you for fun.  We hope that you take upon
this as seriously as we do Mr.Stallman and we wish you a good day.

 - Stefan at YAAS

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